About Trep Life

By Trep Life July 2, 2015


We are the Global Voice of Hustlers Everywhere. The official sponsors of screw it, let’s do it. The proud partners of hell yes. We present pain and suffering, agony and sleep deprivation, and socially awkward self-made billionaires, rock stars, and adventure athletes in high definition streaming video. We are bedfellows with the deep, dark secret that no one actually has any idea what the fuck they’re doing. The constant companion of those living with the incessant feeling they’re on the brink of personal and financial ruin – until they get acquired by Facebook.

The single, unifying belief that pervades every story we tell, every piece of content we distribute, every pixel we perfect is the simple belief that “It is worth It.”  Whether you’re an entrepreneur, artist, athlete, or chef – the adversity you will face is worth the rewards of living an authentic life.

Our mission is simple – we want to inspire you to take the leap and pursue your passion in life. We want you to write that song, start that company, or climb that mountain. We want you to take risks and live adventurously. We want you to live the Trep Life.


In the winter of 2011, we created the first Trep Life documentary series. We grabbed our cameras and rode shotgun with some of the most exciting entrepreneurs of our time – from serial entrepreneurs with three exits under their belt to innovators no one has ever heard of. We went behind the scenes to capture the daily Grind, Hustle, and Payoff of entrepreneurs from Chicago to Silicon Valley, Nashville to New York City. And in those first 12 episodes, you know what we learned? Every entrepreneur has a great story. Every entrepreneur has wisdom and inspiration to share. And when you put those stories, wisdom, and inspiration into the hands of award-winning storytellers and hustlers to the core – you have Trep Life.

We partnered with Inc. Magazine to launch and distribute Trep Life, and over the course of the next 2 years, we produced and distributed 32 documentary episodes and live broadcasts, featuring notable founders of companies including Box, GrubHub, Indiegogo, Mint, Stonyfield Farms, and Eventbrite.


While we enjoyed producing the entrepreneur docu-series, our vision for Trep Life was always bigger than just a single show. We are inspired by everyone who takes the leap, and we see the entrepreneurial spark and spirit in many forms across every vertical –  from founders to musicians to athletes to chefs. So we are building the Platform for the Entrepreneurial Lifestyle. The platform for taking The Leap. Our vision is to be the global champion, the cheerleader and coach, the unwavering friend who says, “You have the power, the smarts, the courage, the resourcefulness. It is worth it. We promise. Do it.”


Malachi Leopold – Co-Founder & CEO

Malachi is the creator of Trep Life. He’s a storyteller, content strategist, award-winning producer/director, human rights advocate, documentary filmmaker, mountain biker, aspiring mountain climber, dad, and global ambassador for Tequila Thursdays. He loves telling stories that inspire people to follow their heart, pursue their passion, take the leap, and live an authentic life. Malachi lives with his wife and son in Oakland, CA.

Teresa Bigelow – Co-Founder & CXXO

With a background in public relations and journalism, Teresa spearheads the company’s women-focused content. She believes that universal acceptance of feminine energy and sexuality will change the world, and she aims to empower and inspire the next generation of creators through conscious storytelling. You can usually find her on a yoga mat or on a dance floor in NYC.