Feature Stories
The Mahfia Matriarch
I want Kim Woozy to be my friend. If you meet her you’ll understand why, because there’s a part of you that knows you’re a little cooler just by standing next to her. Maybe that’s for selfish reasons. But she also gets to do something everyday that is just so cool. Like hang out and film… Read More
“Do You Have A Few Minutes To Discuss Racism And White Supremacy In America?”
One morning just a few months ago, while walking to catch the train, I met Khafre Jay. With a big smile on his face, he asked me if I had a few minutes to discuss racism and white supremacy. Talk about “You had me at hello!” I appreciated that directness, and cheekiness, a great deal. There he… Read More
A Long, Strange Trep: The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Professional Witch
Meet Carolyn Elliott: a wellness entrepreneur and coach who built her witchy business from the ground up. From astrological Tinder dates to coaching thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs and witches, here’s what it’s like to be in the business of magic.
The Meaning of Life with Twenty Twenty Vision
I first met Sarah Gerber over a salad in Berkeley. Yeah, yeah, stereotypes abound of documentary filmmakers meeting in Berkeley, CA, discussing ways to tackle climate change and human rights over bites of locally-grown kale. (You should try it sometime!) But I digress… Sarah is HQ’d in the Berkeley WeWork location, and is the founder… Read More
Beyond Ambition: A Follow Up Q&A With Adventure Athlete And Burn Survivor Colin O’Brady
In Part 2 of our interview with mountaineer, Colin O’Brady, we talk about climbing Everest, the joy of accomplishment, and how Mom is feeling as he scales the world’s highest mountain.
One Millennial Filmmaker Raised $400,000 to Attend 22 Music Festivals and Counting
Tony Savino has already created two full-length documentaries about music festival culture in the U.S. and Europe. Today, he heads to South America for part three of his project that captures the spirit of live music, the artist perspective, and his own story of risk and reward.
horse thief hollow
From Bud Light Kid to the South Side of Chicago’s Craft Brew Champion
How one entrepreneur is using beer to change the dialogue on Chicago’s South Side.
Bailey Spaulding
The Unlikely Story Of One Northern Woman’s Southern Brewery
How a Harvard-educated woman from the North went from law school to owning an iconic craft brewery in Nashville, TN.
Colin O'Brady
Burn Victim Turned Pro Endurance Athlete Turned World-Record-Setting Mountaineer
Who in their right mind climbs the world’s seven tallest peaks, then treks to the North and South Poles – all in only six months? This friggin’ guy.
Behind Alias Josie
Though her boudoir photography studio, Alias Josie, is only a few months old, Christina Wert has been showing women how to express their beauty and sexuality for over a decade.
Eileen Fisher
Eileen Fisher: Singular Vision, Constant Innovation
More than 30 years ago, Eileen Fisher used just $350 to launch an eponymous fashion line that has launched the careers—and confidence—of millions of American women. But the designer and social innovator is still hustling.
service forward nonprofit
This Guy Started A Nonprofit That Helps Save Other Nonprofits
There are over 40,000 nonprofits in the state of Georgia, and many of them need more than just help planting trees. That’s where Service Forward comes in.
maureen beck
80 Feet Off the Ground And Only One Hand to Hold On With
By day, Maureen Beck works in accounting, dealing with numbers and spreadsheets. On nights and weekends, she’s one of the top adaptive climbers in the world.
What Global Policy Means for Your Hustle. Really.
Today the UN declared that fostering entrepreneurship is a development goal, akin to promoting safety and ending world hunger. Here’s why you should care.
Jailhouse Brewing Company
Beer And Politics: One Craft Brewer’s Fight To Stay In Georgia
Georgia is one of the most restrictive states in the U.S. when it comes to selling alcohol. In a town just south of Atlanta, the founder of Jailhouse Brewing Company has had to juggle brewing and politics since he turned an old jail into a craft beer icon.
Sage Donnelly
How a 15-Year-Old From California is Fast Becoming One of the Best Kayakers in the World
Sage Donnelly is the kind of teenager that you might see doing it in a Team USA bib someday. She’s risen to become one of the top female kayakers in the nation, despite being diagnosed with diabetes at a young age and only being 15 years old.
The Shit You’re Trying to Avoid Could be Your Biggest Opportunity
A few weeks into the series of calls, I reached out to Dan and asked if we could feature his findings in a special Trep Life series exploring the link between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial success. I’m excited to share our first interview with Dan below. Enjoy!
Does Raising $500 Million Make You a Successful Entrepreneur?
Living in Silicon Valley, it’s impossible to ignore the headlines about valuation and fundraising achievements. Young companies like Uber, Airbnb, and Zenefits have raised huge rounds of capital and achieved massive valuations in very short periods of time. But I’ve wondered if we looked under the hood, would we find smoke in mirrors? I sat down with serial entrepreneur, angel, and VC Troy Henikoff to get his take on valuations, raising capital – and the most entertaining pitch he’s ever heard.
Sam Yagan
The Future of Cars, Currencies, and Online Dating
In 2003, online dating was still creepy for most people. Around the same time, entrepreneur Sam Yagan saw the future of online dating. He co-founded OkCupid, and grew it until it was acquired by competitor Match in 2011. Now the CEO of a global, billion-dollar matchmaking behemoth, Sam gave me his take on technology and regulation, the future of cars (hint: we’re no longer driving them), and why Ashley Madison isn’t cool.
Howard Lefkowitz
The Brave New World of Top Level Domains
When I first heard the phrase “dot ninja” come out of someone’s mouth, I had a laughing fit quickly followed by a 15-minute dissertation on why the new top-level domains would never work. Then I met Howard Lefkowitz at NamesCon 2015 – and I have to admit, it changed my life. Well, at least it changed my “dot life.”
Change Your Name, Change Your Destiny
Good Startups founder Justin Milano is a personal friend, coach, and an advisor to Trep Life. In this interview, we chat with Justin about topics including Lean Startup, the broken VC model, and the experiencing of changing your name.