Welcome to Trep Life
The “trep” in Trep Life comes from the root in the words “en-trep-reneur” and “in-trep-id.” Entrepreneurship involves taking risks. Being intrepid is being fearless, adventurous. But the root itself, “trep”, literally means to tremble and shake with fear.
Your Customers are Human Too (Even the Big Ones)
For most entrepreneurs, the road to building a business isn’t easy. While often a labor of love, entrepreneurship is also a ton of work, punctuated by dramatic ebbs and flows of exhilarating victories and crushing defeats — large and small (see awesome Trep Life Episodes for real examples). One of the most significant events that… Read More
Dispatch From GES2016: 5 Tips To Prepare For Growth
Anyone wanting to grow is constantly looking to those who have done it for insights on how to do it themselves. At GES2016, I attended a panel about preparing for growth that featured 4 founders who have done it, to some pretty spectacular success. The following 5 insights can help you do it as well. The panel was moderated… Read More
Dispatch From GES2016: Forget The Idea Of Ever Having Enough Money
During GES2016, I attended a panel featuring Founder Institute CEO Adeo Ressi and moderated by Dell’s Elizabeth Gore. While the panel was focused on the idea of “Blitz Scaling”, Adeo took a moment to focus on money. Asking the audience “Who here has all the money they need?” only one person in the room raised their… Read More
Dispatch From GES2016: When Blitz Scaling, Everyone Wins Or Everyone Dies
During GES2016, I attended a Master Class called “Blitz Scaling: Best Practices, Partnerships, Culture, Technology, and Tools as You Swiftly Grow your Brand.” LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman is credited with the “Blitz Scaling” phrase (and teaches a class at Stanford under the name). It comes from the idea during World War II that blitzing the enemy would… Read More
Dispatch From GES2016: Brother-Sister Co-Founders Revolutionizing Real Estate
The funny thing about random collisions is that you know they’re going to happen, you just don’t know when, with whom, and to what end. My first random collision at GES 2016 this week was with the founders of Paris-based Lok-iz. I had left my phone above the sink in the men’s room, and after… Read More
heidi brown
A Week in the Wild
My journey into entrepreneurship didn’t happen overnight. I spent decades in another profession before I ever thought about starting my own company. Here are three lessons I learned in my transition from educator to entrepreneur.
Why Comedy is the Ultimate Differentiator in Business
Would you like to improve your entire staff’s presentation techniques? How about dramatically enhancing team building and creating a first-class culture? What about finding a way in which to differentiate your organization in new business pitches? Fear not. I have the answer to all of the above: stand-up comedy.
Eileen Murphy
From Educator to Entrepreneur
My journey into entrepreneurship didn’t happen overnight. I spent decades in another profession before I ever thought about starting my own company. Here are three lessons I learned in my transition from educator to entrepreneur.
female founders
Female Founders: The Odds Are Against Us
Here are my thoughts on how I got to where I am and advice I’d pass along to women considering taking the entrepreneurial plunge.
How to Break Out of the Rabbit Hole of Indecision
In our tech-driven world, with so much sensory overload and unlimited access to information, we find ourselves getting stuck in the rabbit hole of indecision.
Earthquake Preparedness for Your Dreams
It will probably be some time before I get “used to” earthquakes. Maybe I never will. But when it comes to earthquakes, big or small, that hit a company or dream – know that you have the resourcefulness to figure it out.
Steve Cody
So You Want to Become an Entrepreneur?
I’m often stopped by complete strangers who, after begging for spare change, will ask, “Steve, why did you become an entrepreneur?” My answer is always the same, “I thought I could do a better job than the existing industry players.” I still feel that way.
No, You Want The Other VC
Let me start off by saying something that many founders can’t: I love my Venture Capitalist. It’s been seven years, he’s invested separately in both companies I founded, and the honeymoon is still going strong.
Raising Money for Your Early-Stage Company
I am an Angel Investor. Let’s say I receive an email from an energetic entrepreneur explaining a little about her new venture and I agree to meet with her at my office (Starbucks) to hear more about her company and see if I might be able to help or perhaps even invest.
Mark Achler
Persistence Alone is Not Enough When Starting a Business
Being an entrepreneur is hard—most fail. Let’s face it, the odds are against us. It takes dogged persistence and fierce determination to push past all the obstacles and naysayers. But bulldog persistence alone is not enough. Gritty determination without empathy is a little like a mental illness – doomed to repeat the same mistakes over… Read More